How do I start my Driver experience?

Subscribe to QTH Driver in just 2 steps

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2- Choose your card reader

QTH Driver subscription plans

2 subscription plans to fit to your needs

lecteur de carte chronotachygraphe


Read your Driver Card

Save your documents

Configure your notifications

Save your driving activity on your phone

1,99 € / month 

19,99 € / year 

(2months free)

Read your Driver Card

Save your documents

Configure your notifications

Save your driving activity on your phone as well as in the cloud

QTH Driver reader

Make sure you have a card reader compatible with your smartphone


Card reader Android

25,20 € VAT

Free shipping

Card reader IOS

60 € VAT

Free shipping

Any questions?

Is there an engagement period?

QTH Driver plans have no engagement period. You can subscribe and pay for as long as you want and cancel your plan whenever you want.

Do I have to buy a QTH Driver reader?

If you use Android, QTH Driver works with any card reader compatible with your phone. If your are an iPhone/iOS user, you will need the QTH Driver iOS reader.

Who can access my data?

Only you can access your data. Our support team might access your account to investigate potential problems, at your request, but your data remains secure.

Is my data erased from my Driver’s card after reading?

Don’t worry, data on your card remains exactly the same after reading, it does not change anything.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is stored on secure servers. All latest security standards are in place to ensure your data is secure with us.

Is there a cancellation period?

Yes, here is a 14 day period to withdraw from your plan. It begins on the date that you recieve your card reader, or from the first day of your subscription (if you didn’t purchase a reader). To cancel your plan you need to send a mail to our customer service at :

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    Why QTH Driver?

    In CB Radio language, QTH means “state your position in latitude and longitude”.

    DRIVER, is all about the spirit of adventure and discovery.

    QTH Driver, is our app to support you everyday

    Drive safe – Mike QTH Driver