Connect your card reader to read data from your card.

It’s that simple ! Once connected, the reader is automatically detected and asks you to insert your card to start. Once it is done, you can access your activity data, and browse through your activity history.

Browse your activity with different views:

– Daily
– Weekly
– Monthly

The QTH Driver Activity menu gives you several viewing options. With one touch, you can change views, and your data gets updated automatically. Say goodbye to endless calculations! The application does it all for you. Driving hours, working hours, availablity, service and rest hours are all taken into account. Stay in control of your time. Odometer is also built into your reports.

Keep card downloads under control.

No more rushing back to the office on Friday night to download all your driving data. You can trust QTH Driver ! Configure your alerts and let it do the work. You can even set a reminder for when you need to download your data.


Keep all your documents with you all of the time (Driving licence, FIMO, FCO…)

and make the most of the document feature from QTH Driver. You can store images ( JPEGs and PNGs) as well as PDF documents.
You can add new documents by simply:
– Taking a pictures
– Loading it from your gallery
– Loading it from a saved document

Set alerts on your documents.

QTH Driver makes it easier for you. There is an option to set an alert on every document that has an expiry date or a due date. The Document menu allows you to filter your documents by due date, so that you always know what’s happening and you’ll always renew your important documents or certifications on time.

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Why QTH Driver?

In CB Radio language, QTH means “state your position in latitude and longitude”.

DRIVER, is all about the spirit of adventure and discovery.

QTH Driver, is our app to support you everyday

Drive safe – Mike QTH Driver